psychotropic agent

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psy·cho·trop·ic a·gent

a chemical compound that influences the human psyche.
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Many of the psychotropic agents have not been well researched in terms of their efficacy and safety in younger subpopulations.
Caffeinism associated with greater use of other psychotropic agents.
M had already had two prolonged psychiatric hospitalizations involving treatment by psychotropic agents and psychotherapy.
And Tablets package, Package II Drugs, Drugs Package III Package IV sprays, ointments V Package VI Package psychotropic agents and drugs, ampoules Package VII, Package Specialist wound dressings VIII, IX packet drops, suppositories Package X, XI Syrups package, package XII Immunoglobulins Package XIII Tablets, Package IV Medications Tablets package XV, XVI package Medicines, Medicines package seventeenth, eighteenth package drugs, dressings nineteenth special package, package XX Medicines, Medicines package XXI, XXII package drugs.
Among the 1,707 patients who received an antipsychotic, the four most commonly coprescribed psychotropic agents were antidepressants (58%), an-ticonvulsants (31%), lithium (8%), and benzodiazepines (7%).
a pioneer in the field of psychopharmacology who helped identify receptors for neurotransmitters and drugs and their role in how psychotropic agents work.
In committee debate and in full congress, physicians at the House of Delegates meeting expressed concern that pharmacists were exercising this provision to impede access to certain medications, including emergency contraceptives and psychotropic agents.
Black box warnings on antipsychotics led to a decrease in their use to treat patients with dementia, but not a commensurate increase in use of antianxiety or other psychotropic agents.