psychotropic agent

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psy·cho·trop·ic a·gent

a chemical compound that influences the human psyche.
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found out that psychotropic agents especially, SSRIs, valproic acid as mood stabilizers, stimulants and atypical antipsychotics are being used 3.
Table 1 Classification of drug-induced liver injury and associated psychotropics Pattern of liver injury Psychotropic agent Acute Bupropion Hepatocellular (ALT >3 x upper limit of Fluoxetine normal) Nefazodone (a) Paroxetine Risperidone Sertraline Trazodone Valproic acid Cholestatic (AP >2 x upper limit of normal, Chlorpromazine ALT/AP <2) Phenothiazines Tricyclics Mixed ([up arrow]AP and ALT) Amitriptyline Carbamazepine Phenobarbital Phenytoin Chronic Microvesicular steatosis Valproic acid (a.
It may be that for certain groups of patients, "specific psychotropic medications could have a greater likelihood of response and tolerability based on clinical characteristics such as psychiatric comorbidities, medical comorbidities that could be exacerbated by psychotropic medication side effects, or family member history of response to a particular psychotropic agent," Dr.
The use of lithium as a psychotropic agent dates back more than a half-century, and it remains the only agent approved by the Food and Drug Administration for maintenance treatment of bipolar disorder.
Objective: To assess parental practices and attitude regarding administration of psychotropic agents in their children suffering from psychiatric disorders.
A review of the current nomenclature for psychotropic agents and an introduction to the Neuroscience-based Nomenclature.
Deliveries of drugsPart 1 ampoules and liquidsPart 2 PantoprazoleLot 3 OmnipaqueLot 4 Antibiotics-Amoxicillin + clavulanic acidLot 5 Antibiotics-CefuroximePart 6 Antibiotics -cefalosporynyLot No 7 Antibiotics - AmikacinLot No 8 Antibiotics - low molecular weight heparin - nadroparinLot No 9 LMWHs -enoxaparin sodium + drugsLot No 10 Galenika hardLot No 11 Human AlbuminLot No 12 SevofluraneLot No 13 - Galenika lightLot No 14 - narcotic drugsLot No 15, psychotropic agents and precursorsPart No.
Drug induced rhinitis are aspirin, NSAIDS, beta blockers, ace inhibitors, methyldopa, oral contraceptives, psychotropic agents and nasal topical agents (Oxymetazoline, naphazoline, xylometazoline) may induce symptoms of rhinitis when they are administered topically or systematically.
However, for special populations, such as institutionalized persons, PIDs, those with MCDD, and anyone receiving certain medications, such as anti-epileptic or psychotropic agents, a minimum level of 40 ng/mL (100 nmol/L) with the optimal range between 40 to 60 ng/mL is recommended.
In addition, the assessment of confounding variables did not include psychotropic agents other than SSRIs and benzodiazepines.
Approximately 15% of the children given multiple psychotropic agents took three or more classes of the drugs.