Denotes a pharmacotherapeutic agent that affects brain function, usually used in the context of drugs.
[G. psychros, cold, + trophē, growth, nourishment, + -ic, adj. suffix]
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In the section 'Professionals Perceptions' it was noted that Dixon was "at risk of relapse", as he had suddenly stopped all psychotrophic (mental health medication).
Survey for psychotrophic bacterial pathogens in minimally processed lettuce.
Cold-active serine alkaline protease from the psychotrophic bacterium Shewanella strain Ac 10: gene cloning and enzyme purification and characterization.
The aerobic psychotrophic population on meat and meat contact surfaces in a meat production system on meat stored at chill temperatures.
Those (n = 17, 9 men, 8 women) who (a) had been assessed and confirmed as having ADHD and completed all baseline measures, and (b) were not taking EMP+ or any other psychotrophic medication at least two weeks prior to and during the assessment period after the earthquake constituted the control individuals.
Bahnassi said he did not keep track of how much he made, but that the fees were for giving seminars to other doctors on new psychotrophic (central nervous system) medications.
70) Jami Floyd, The Administration of Psychotrophic Drugs to
Abstract - In this study, we have investigated the potential changes in the number of total and psychotrophic microorganisms, coliform, E.
Few studies have looked specifically at pharmaceutical drug use among this population (for examples see (8, 10, 11)), This is an important area to address, as in recent years, the medical use of psychotrophic drugs (e.
Effects of nisin and temperature on survival, growth, and enterotoxin production characteristics of psychotrophic Bacillus cereus in beef gravy.
4) Because we don't know how psychotrophic drugs affect brain development, CAPs sometimes are leery of giving kids the same medications that adult psychiatrists readily prescribe.
Reviews of the progress of dairy science: Enzymes of psychotrophic bacteria and their effects on milk and milk products.