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1. characterized by or producing symptoms similar to those of a psychosis.
2. a drug or other agent that has such effects; called also psychotogenic.
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Capable of inducing psychosis; particularly referring to drugs with hallucinogenic effects similar to those of LSD.
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Little-used term meaning capable of inducing psychosis; particularly in reference to drugs of the LSD series and similar substances.
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When integrated in its original cultural context, khat use has been found to be associated (besides the medical complications) with a certain psychotogenic risk, which can be even more important when the consumption happens in an unfamiliar setting, i.e.
Ketamine is a weaker cousin of the potent psychotogenic phencyclidine (approximately one-fiftieth the potency) and is a well-known drug of abuse that causes dissociation and hallucinations.
Recent landmark studies (8) have, taken together, demonstrated that a single IV dose of the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist ketamine (a psychotogenic drug of abuse FDA-approved only as an anesthetic) can produce clinical improvement of severe depression and even full remission for several days.