psychotic manifestation

psy·chot·ic man·i·fes·ta·tion

a manifestation characterized by thoughts, feelings, and behavior evidencing a varying degree of personality disintegration and distortion or falsification of reality in various spheres; persons exhibiting such a manifestation fail in effective relationships to other people or to their work.
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Psychotic manifestations in brain tumour patients: 2 case reports from South Africa.
As a teenager, she began to experience symptoms of depression with increased psychotic manifestations.
The method was widely used by Western intelligence agencies during the Cold War, before it emerged that the drugs used - typically the barbiturate sodium pentothal - may induce hallucinations, delusions and psychotic manifestations
Schizophrenia is typically understood as a thought disorder and bipolarity a mood disorder, but affective symptoms are common in the first, and psychotic manifestations in the second.
Other effects include visual defects, retinal hemorrhages, heart symptoms, and psychotic manifestations.
Other possible side effects may include the exacerbation of psychotic manifestations, including mania and paranoid delusions.