psychosocial resources

psychosocial resources, emotional and cognitive states including self-esteem, optimism, and self-mastery that may affect behavior and health.
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For physicians who are comfortable with prescribing these medications, implementation may be hindered by a lack of available psychosocial resources for successful abstinence.
Moreover, previous studies have not simultaneously explored the influence of PsyCap and WSC on mental health outcomes of police personnel within the psychosocial resources model.
Now that all follow-up data from the trial has been collected, future reports on this study will focus on patient outcomes, including overall psychological distress, depression, anxiety, functional disability and use of psychosocial resources.
moms just as much as Bolivians, and it applies to psychosocial resources just as much as food supply.
Stress, psychosocial resources, and depressive symptomatology during pregnancy in low-income, inner-city women.
Stable psychosocial resources (ie education, being married, and a positive coping style) have been associated with better chronic glycaemic control, while stress and regimen non- adherence have been associated with reduced transient glycaemic control (Peyrot et al 1999).
Nursing facilities must consider factors such as the availability of high-capacity specialty equipment, treatment modalities, staffing needs, safety requirements, psychosocial resources, and other age-related amenities all of which can place an additional financial strain on the organization.
For evaluating medical students' psychosocial profiles, it is necessary to make use of the psychometrically sound instruments with emphasis on the status of cognitive and psychosocial resources.
The present paper explores the views of a sample of retired citizens with the aim of teasing out the various interactive factors and psychosocial resources, which they perceive direct their pathways into retirement.
Higher risk families may be those who require longer hospitalizations due to treatment adherence, behavioral, or family problems and consume more labor intensive medical, nursing, and psychosocial resources.
The purpose of this study was to examine the psychosocial resources that predict adjustment to disability in African Americans who are disabled.
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