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A psychopath.
Crazy; insane.
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The Cosmic Psychos' genesis goes back to the musical beginnings of Knight, the sole consistent band member --'playing the same two-chord riffs'--across four decades.
This new breed of workplace psychos are characterised by their attempts to try to undermine and "mentally destroy" their co-workers, to feed their need for a sense of power and domination over others.
But Stewart Hendry, of Brainwaves, a mental health campaign group based in Birmingham, said: "Calling a TV programme Psychos sends out all the wrong messages.
Cue a weapon-wielding psycho. And it's not who you might think.
The psychos that followed included Begbie in Trainspotting, Jo Jo McCann in Looking After Jo Jo, Bond baddie Renard in The World Is Not Enough, Daffy in The Beach and that psychos of all psychos, Adolf Hitler.
But behind the political arguments, Psychos is already looking like a powerful, brave drama that once again has Channel 4 leading the pack.
Now Channel 4's controversial new drama series Psychos, to be screened tonight, looks certain to anger those it sets out to portray.
IT SPEAKS volumes about the quality of British television that Channel 4's main weapons on the winter ratings comprise a series based on the raunchy sex lives of gays and a drama set in a Scottish asylum - tastefully called Psychos.
We do not have many qualified psychiatrists and even those do not fully understand psycho trauma.
"A Psycho's Guide to Dating Women" is a satirical guide written in the same vein as the famous 'Dummies' and 'Complete Idiot's' moving the target audience from the confused to the completely bonkers.
Few critical studies emphasize the sociology of violence in Hitchcock's films, remarkably neglected even in a work like Psycho (1960), a picture whose violence exerted considerable fascination on the American public in the 1960s-- and continues to do so today.
Less Than Zero also pegged Ellis so squarely as an '80s icon that he must have felt some relief when his third novel, 1991's American Psycho, caused a stink that rendered Less Than Zero's impact antique.