Drugs used in the treatment of emotional disorders.


Drugs used in the treatment of emotional disorders.
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Also according to Busfield (4), if the main concern was formerly about the indiscriminate use of antimicrobials, nowadays psychopharmaceuticals, especially the methylphenidate, have become the object of attention to experts in the issue.
With regard to the non-specific and somewhat limited psychopharamacological possibilities, especially in patients with a pronounced organic damage and pediatric population, the current state of the art therapy gives priority to psychotherapy (occupational, psychological and rehabilitation, cognitive-behavioral), with the adjuvant use of psychopharmaceuticals in the case of clear clinical indications.
Kline, The Challenge of the Psychopharmaceuticals, 103 PROC.
As the simple example of a temporary illness or injury suggests, or as Disability theorist John Derby highlights, the widespread use of spectacles, hearing aids, and psychopharmaceuticals clearly mitigates against the notion of a perfectly-abled individual (Derby 2016, 116).
Prior to that date, in the United States, as in many other countries, the medical control of homosexuals used to be characterized by "psychiatrists' inhumane use of psychopharmaceuticals, lobotomy, psychoanalysis and aversion therapy" (Terry 368).
Gut Feminism thus takes the "twin problematics" of biology and aggression as its focus and shows their overlap in the guttural interactions between depression and psychopharmaceuticals.
This invariably makes interventions such as psychopharmaceuticals nothing more than a Band-Aid, and it brings into question the effectiveness of our standard of care.
The organization of findings below follows the sequencing of methods diagrammed in Figure 1, beginning with a more general review of participants' experiences with psychopharmaceuticals and alcohol in the context of PTSD before moving into more detailed findings about cannabis from the in-depth interviews.
Organic Empathy: Feminism, Psychopharmaceuticals, and the Embodiment of Depression" Material Feminisms.
Three hundred and twenty-nine students at the Universidad de Sevilla and Almeria (Spain), of whom 11 were discarded because they were under psychiatric treatment with psychopharmaceuticals (mainly anxiolytics and antidepressants) participated in this study.
Regardless, students have found the tool an effective means of learning or reinforcing understanding of psychopharmaceuticals.
Kaut (2011) encourages mental health counselors to consider biological reductionism as the preferred lens through which to understand both psychological and emotional symptoms and the high prevalence and superior efficacy of psychopharmaceuticals.