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One who specializes in psychopathology.
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This opinion was criticized by the psychopathologists who testified before the Diet (National Diet, 1951, February 15).
Schreber's confinement, and Freud, the psychopathologist, cared
As Bower indicated, section (ii) appears to have been added to his original definition as "a codicil to reassure traditional psychopathologist and budget personnel that schizophrenia and autism are indeed serious emotional disturbances on the one hand, and that just plain bad boys and girls, predelinquents, and sociopaths will not skyrocket the costs on the other hand" (p.56).
(455) Developmental psychopathologists concur that during adolescence, students are most susceptible to developing antisocial behaviors, displaying disruptive behaviors, and experiencing social and academic deficits.
Psychopathologists and psychotherapists from the US and Canada address a variety of treatment approaches, including dialectical behavior therapy, psychodynamic theory, interpersonal theory, relational theory, couples and family systems theory, integrative theory, and the unified approach, with a theoretical framework, methods, and clinical examples presented in each chapter.
In recent years, developmental psychopathologists have suggested that a cascade model of risk accumulation may best characterize how this multiplicity of risk factors develops (Masten et al.
Experimental psychopathologists have convincingly argued that diagnoses may be better described in terms of dimensions, which vary continuously on symptom and other deficit indicators, rather than as independent classes or taxa, which are described by discrete syndromes (Widiger & Clark, 2000).
He discusses them in groups, so that, for example Pavlov and Skinner are among behavioralists, Chomsky with cognitivists, Turing and Searle with computationalists, Dewey and Foucalt with philosophers, and Freud with psychopathologists.