psychopathic personality

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(per?son-al'it-e) [L. personalitas]
The unique organization of traits, characteristics, and modes of behavior of an individual, setting that individual apart from others and at the same time determining how others react to the individual. Synonym: persona (2) See: personality test

alternating personality

Dissociative identity disorder.

anal personality

In Freudian psychology, a personality disorder marked by excessive orderliness, stinginess, and obstinacy. If carried to an extreme, these qualities lead to the development of obsessive-compulsive behavior.
Synonym: anal characteristic

borderline personality

See: borderline personality disorder

callous-unemotional personality

Abbreviation: CU
A group of personality traits including lack of empathy, manipulativeness, and remorselessness. These traits are considered to be indicators of conduct disorder in childhood and adolescence and are uniquely characteristic of antisocial personality disorder in adults.

compulsive personality

Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder.

distressed personality

Type D personality.

double personality

Dissociative identity disorder.

extroverted personality

See: extrovert

inadequate personality

A personality type in which the individual is ineffective and is physically and emotionally unable to cope with the normal stress of living.

introverted personality

See: introvert (1)

modal personality

The individual traits or characteristics typical of the society in which a person lives.

multiple personality

A term formerly used for dissociative identity disorder. See: dissociative identity disorder

obsessive-compulsive personality

Obsessive-compulsive disorder.

paranoid personality

Paranoid personality disorder.

psychopathic personality

Antisocial personality disorder.

type A personality

See: behavior

type B personality

See: behavior

type D personality

A personality type in which the individual is inhibited and uncomfortable in social situations, has difficulty making friends, and who tends to experience, but repress, feelings of anger, anxiety, depression, and discontent with others. Some studies have found correlations between this personality type and an increased risk of atherosclerotic vascular disease.
Synonym: distressed personality
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There is a well established method for identifying individuals with psychopathic personality; the Psychopathy Checklist--Revised (PCL-R) (Hare, 1991).
In these patients significantly more often than in those with normal premorbid and more quickly there were formed personality changes typical to drug addicts, including such severe forms as psychopathic personality disorders and degradation with a strong moral and ethical decline, a violation of disability and family relationships.
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Retief and Wessels postulate that Stalin did not suffer from a psychosis (true insanity, with loss of contact with reality), but that he had a markedly psychopathic personality.
Dr Robert Hare, a psychiatrist and an expert on psychopathy, has developed 20 criteria of psychopathic personality disorders:
He was suffering at the time - and still suffers - from post-traumatic stress disorder triggered by his Army service and from psychopathic personality disorders, Newcastle Crown Court heard.
The Gulf War veteran had been suffering and still suffers a combination of psychopathic personality disorders and severe post traumatic stress disorder from his Army experiences.