psychometric properties

psy·cho·met·ric prop·er·ties

(sī'kō-met'rik prop'ĕr-tēz)
Quantifiable attributes (e.g., validity, reliability) that relate to the statistical strength or weakness of a test or measurement.
See also: reliability, validity
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revised classification specification based upon the empirical evidence and documentation of psychometric properties (e.
AIM The purpose of this study was to examine psychometric properties of the Perceived Value of Certification Tool[C] with a focus on nurse educator certification (PVCT-NE) in a sample of nurse educators.
It would have bene nice if the author had done some work in establishing psychometric properties of the scale or used a psychometrically robust scale.
In a recent study, the FIAT-Q (Darrow, Callaghan, Bonow, & Follette, 2014) demonstrated good psychometric properties (e.
These terms are otherwise known as the psychometric properties of a measure and refer to the theoretical principles and rules as applied to measurement (Nunnally and Bernstein 1994).
Further, psychometric properties of employer attractiveness scale were also assessed.
This paper assesses the psychometric properties of the Arabic version of the Spiritual Well-Being Scale (SWBS) in an Arab Christian sample by analyzing its internal structure.
Subsequently, assessment tools for these conceptual models have been generated and validated, although there are various results for the support of the psychometric properties of these scales.
This article is the first attempt to present information on the psychometric properties of the SBTR in a preschool setting.
The lead article, “Reliability and Validity of PROMIS Cognitive Abilities and Cognitive Concerns Scales Among People with Multiple Sclerosis,” reports on the psychometric properties of two short self-report assessments of perceived cognitive function.
The psychometric properties of the translated versions (Spanish (14), German (15), French (16), Icelandic (17), Norwegian (18), and Korean) (19, 20) were examined.
All items on the instrument have been tested to ensure compliance with psychometric properties and for age-level appropriateness and readability.