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Psychographics rely on a deeper level of questioning to better understand the client's aspirations, interests, personality and values, says Karen McIntyre, managing director and senior financial advisor at Wescott Financial Advisory Group.
Psychographics classifies people based on psychological and lifestyle traits such as attitudes, habits, interests and opinions.
Targeting -- utilizing the latest technology to serve custom ads based on age, gender, psychographics, device platform and more.
Through customer analytics, they determine exactly who their best customers are--using variables like demographic information, psychographics, purchasing behavior and online and offline media preferences--and develop a detailed customer profile that can be used in a variety of ways.
Basically, psychographics have three components namely attitude, interest, and opinion (AIO).
This is borne out by NMI's psychographics analysis of five health-and-wellness consumer segments asked about their homeopathic usage within the past year.
The company also announced a new Corporate Direction among an audience consisting of dealers, Honda associates and media, Keita Muramatsu - President & CEO, HMSI elaborated Honda's vision to Communicate through its rational Indian brand slogan 'Sach Kar Denge Sapne', Connect emotionally with customers of all demographics and psychographics by associating with a iconic Brand Ambassador - self-made Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar and Create new benchmark with Dream Yuga - Honda's foray into mass motorcycle segment.
5) The experiential Sweet Shoppe by consultancy The Future Laboratory and retail designers Campaign used immersive sets and actors to lead participants through an hour-long experience, gauging their retail psychographics.
A "right client" (aka target client) is a client whose wealth, other demographics and investing style fit into your business model and whose psychographics fit within your preferences.
The first step is the identification of the target market, as in, whom to cater, how to cater, what the demographics and psychographics are.
Data collected includes: demographics, psychographics, brand consumption, traditional media consumption, online and social networking, mobile phone, video gaming and digital entertainment.
Life style factors or psychographics could be used to identify target markets.