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In the 1980s, market research companies began profiling consumers on the basis of psychographic rather than demographic distinctions.
We are proud to be able to demonstrate the exciting persuasive power of our patented Psychographic Persuasion technology, said Joseph Konowiecki, Chairman and CEO of AES.
Psychographic segmentation variables that come into play when we speak of psychographic segmentation are primarily psychological in nature.
Naturally, sweeping demographic and psychographic information alone does not paint a complete customer picture; however, it does provide a backdrop of the environment for which companies must compete.
These psychographic characteristics include future aspirations, activities, social groups, general attitudes, and self-descriptors which are used to profile a given target market (Ling & Glantz, 2002a).
Students are expected to further refine their target market analysis by identifying psychographic characteristics.
In order to get the most out of the data, a direct marketer must first cut the data into demographic, psychographic and even transactional segments.
Also, FJM launches a new database menu that offers clients either Farm Journal foundation data (with 100 points of crop, livestock, demographic and psychographic data); the Government Compliance data (Farm Service Agency) with detailed field-level reporting, or the fully-integrated combination of both databases now called FarmReach.
Analysts use psychographic information to define consumer categories, which are often given colorful names such as "Shotguns and Pickups" and "Blue Blood Estates.
The companies' respective customers have similar demographic and psychographic profiles and both foster fiercely loyal clientele who are passionate about their brands.
This is, after all, a "woman" who exists only in virtual space as a composite of marketing studies drawn from countless interviews, psychographic profiles, and demographic trends.
The way to obtain this information is through a comprehensive psychographic study of the franchisee's customers and trade area.