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We are proud to be able to demonstrate the exciting persuasive power of our patented Psychographic Persuasion technology, said Joseph Konowiecki, Chairman and CEO of AES.
Banks segment their clients primarily based on income level, and demographic and psychographic profiles.
Psychographic segmentation variables that come into play when we speak of psychographic segmentation are primarily psychological in nature.
Analyze audiences for demographic and psychographic characteristics to understand their interests, demographics and psychographic make-up.
Students are expected to further refine their target market analysis by identifying psychographic characteristics.
The best way to target your message is to look at a customer's past experience with your organization and then cross-reference the demographic and psychographic profiles.
Hip Nation," "Urban Elders," and "Money and Brains" are three psychographic categories of consumers growing in the outer boroughs, one part of the reason some national chains are looking to set up shop.
These roadblocks can be removed by applying psychographic segmentation.
Proprietary Technology Stack Leverages Social, Location, Behavioral and Purchasing Data to Power Advanced Psychographic Targeting and Interest-Based Engagement
The report still includes estimates on what the iPad market and tablet landscape will look like in five years, a full demographic profile of the iPad owner, trend information on how they feel about and interact with different kinds of media, psychographic details, and more.
Response-Based(TM) Targeting helps combine specially tailored surveys with demographic, psychographic, behavioral, and attitudinal data to increase in-video ad effectiveness by upwards of 35%