psychogenic purpura

psy·cho·gen·ic pur·pu·ra

a psychosomatic condition similar to autoerythrocyte sensitization syndrome.
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This disorder was named as psychogenic purpura based on its association with psychiatric disturbance in the majority of patients (9).
Ratnoff OD: Psychogenic purpura (autoerythrocyte sensitization): An unsolved dilemma.
Later, Ratnoff and Agle named it Psychogenic purpura due to the association with psychiatric disorders (7)
Current literature on this matter is based on cases reported (162 up to 2009, of which only ten involve men) (2-8-9-10) In 1971 Lababidi & Friedman, described the first case of Psychogenic purpura in a man; after that, cases describe on the male sex are but a few, most of them take place during the third decade of life with lesions similar to those found on women.