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In the literature, the initial studies regarding the Capgras syndrome attributed the causation psychoanalytically but subsequent authors emphasized diffuse and localized brain lesions, whereas some authors reported the association of two different causations (10).
Drawing mainly on Dan Bar-On's psychoanalytically inspired work with the children of Holocaust survivors and perpetrators and Gabriele Rosenthal's comparative analysis of personal narratives by Holocaust survivors, perpetrators, and the two following generations, McGlothlin employs Dan Diner's notion of the 'negative symbiosis' of the post-war Jewish and non-Jewish generation to support the comparative scope of her project.
2) Moretti's achievement there was to present a satisfying case for the inclusion of Gothic works within the respectability of a traditional comparative literary studies framework and then to combine this with a psychoanalytically informed reading of class struggle.
To claim that his method is "associational" answers the question of why reading psychoanalytically still matters today.
Psychoanalytically oriented therapists shunned science as too crude to illuminate the complex inner workings of the mind.
Taking a Freudian/Lacanian approach, the article ultimately contends that while Raging Bull can be considered, ideologically, as potentially progressive, the film reaches a conclusion that can be regarded, psychoanalytically, as radical.
Scheuble follows psychoanalytically informed theories of male socialization and chooses to work with an explanatory model that links exclusive male childrearing by women until the age of seven with an adult masculinity performed as a continuous, conflicted rejection of what is posited as feminine.
Several areas of conflict in this move toward integration offer a conceptual framework suggesting a more modern approach to treating comorbid disorders, which was arrived at through this writer's efforts to establish a substance abuse service in a psychoanalytically oriented hospital treatment center.
Agnew's account of an impalpable, alienating market (for example) is very much at odds with Sullivan's vision of a personable agora; Halpern's Marxist analysis of the poetics of primitive accumulation diverges from Leinwand's more psychoanalytically inflected study of finance and affect; Korda's feminist investigation of Shakespeare's domestic economies contrasts Engle's pragmatist analysis of Shakespeare's markets of value.
Brown) does not engage the psychoanalytically inflected Marxism of Zizek, or even Judith Butler's critique of subjection (and of Kristeva) to offer a more up to date account of desire and revolution.
4 18 1028 lightheartednesses 2340 psychoanalytically 2.
History in Transit is comprised of five chapters, an introduction, and an epilogue that, as La Capra says himself, should be taken as a set of (sometimes loosely) interrelated essays that suggest points of intersection among analyses of trauma studies, particularly psychoanalytically oriented work, of the Holocaust, and of the academic professions that seek to study historical and literary writing.