psychoanalytic situation

psy·cho·an·a·lyt·ic sit·u·a·tion

the relationship, characteristically restricted to the therapist's office, between patient and therapist.
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It is this conservative tendency of the system that I am referring to as a species of need" ("Interaction in the Psychoanalytic Situation" 485).
But this defensive inertia of a conservative motivational system has to contend with an equally fundamental exigency: "mixed in with the apparent need to repeat, another (and opposing) motivational system, or need, is operating as well, one that is usually much weaker and less developed; it is an expansive rather than a conservative system, one whose tendency or need is to seek out a new quality of experience or to destabilize the smooth functioning of the old, constrictive system" ("Interaction in the Psychoanalytic Situation" 485-86).
Nominal gender and gender fluidity in the psychoanalytic situation. Gender and Psychoanalysis, 1, 463-481.
The play of transference: Some reflections on enactment in the psychoanalytic situation. Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, 35, 557-562.
The psychoanalytic situation is rich soil for examining these interests, since both analyst and patient typically, perhaps always, represent themselves in special ways, subject to special constraints and modes of withholding.
When reading, we are more easily able to hold the ambiguity of the psychoanalytic situation, but writing requires a commitment to words on a page.

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