psychoactive drug

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psychoactive drug

Substance abuse An agent that provides pleasure or ameliorates pain, and may cause physical dependence and tolerance, with a tendency to ↑ dose in order to achieve the same effect; use of non-prescribed psychoactive agents may be 'social' or casual, or evolve into frank addiction; in descending order of addictive potential cocaine/'crack', amphetamines, opiates, nicotine, alcohol, benzodiazepine, barbiturates, cannabis, hallucinogens, caffeine Therapeutics An agent that improves the ability to function appropriately in clinical settings–eg, psych ward, nursing home Types Antidepressants–eg, desipramine, nortryptyline, antipsychotics–eg, haloperidol, thioridazine, benzodiazepines–eg, lorazepam, diazepam, and other hypnotics–eg, diphenhydramine

psy·cho·ac·tive drug

(sīkō-aktiv drŭg)
Pharmacotherapeutic agent that possesses action to alter mood, behavior, cognitive processes, or mental stress.
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Her condition was better compared to when she was not taking any psychoactive drugs.
The findings of this study have several implications for prevention and intervention work targeted at young psychoactive drug users.
Whether the theory is right or wrong, research studies show that psychoactive drugs are effective treatments, right?
At the 430-bed Jewish Home, San Francisco, where he is medical director, an interdisciplinary team doing weekly "drug rounds" reviews residents on psychoactive drugs, so that each of those residents is reviewed at least every 6 months.
The drug problem scenario in Malaysia was first noted in 1970 with the detaining of 711 psychoactive drug addicts nationwide (Mahmood, 1989).
The abandonment of legal regulation (in favour of prohibition) of alcohol products in the USA in 1920, and its reintroduction 13 years later, is the most graphic demonstration that legal regulation of even a highly toxic psychoactive drug like alcohol is far better than its prohibition.
One man was arrested on e man was arrested on Harcourt Street on Tuesday night for his own safety after he was found to be tripping out on the psychoactive drug.
The Strathclyde force believe the psychoactive drug is being used predominantly by youngsters in Glasgow.
Meow meow, Drone and MCAT are street names for mephedrone, a synthetic psychoactive drug that is also found in so-called "Bath Salts.
The psychoactive drug can actually be bought legally.
The order is based on Decision 2005/387/JAI of the Council and follows an evaluation of BZP's risks, as a psychoactive drug, by the EMCDDA.

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