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A psychopath.
Crazy; insane.
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3) For Williams, this is because Psycho simply has something for everyone:
Back at his farm in Mia Mia in country Victoria, Knight receives a middle-of-the-night, from-the-studio phone call from L7, a Los Angeles outfit who've toured with the Psychos several times.
Rana and said that we need to have some structural changes because of psycho trauma as it has now become a public health problem.
Psycho was his last nomination after four previous nods for Rebecca (1941), Lifeboat (1945), Spellbound (1946) and Rear Window (1955).
But PSYCHO has been well touted by all the right faces for the pounds 110,000 cavalry charge and the booking of top jock Davy Russell might just be significant.
Universal's 1999 Collector's Edition DVD of Psycho includes "The Shower Scene with and without music" and "The Shower Scene's Storyboards by Saul Bass" among its Special Features.
You wrapped newspapers inside your clothes, crouched behind Psycho Kaare, your arms about him, bound for Sweden.
American Psycho reads very much like a sociopathic manual in which our so-called "civilization" tolerates and ensures the popular cultural fame of, you guessed it, the closet psychopath.
Screenwriter Joseph Stefano, who wrote the script for film classic Psycho, has died at the age of 84.
Extending Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960) into a twenty-four-hour video projection, Douglas Gordon murders the possibility of suspense.
Psycho was a "problem inmate" who frequently threatened staff, and wrote grievances.
Few critical studies emphasize the sociology of violence in Hitchcock's films, remarkably neglected even in a work like Psycho (1960), a picture whose violence exerted considerable fascination on the American public in the 1960s-- and continues to do so today.