psychic surgery

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Health fraud A practice associated with ‘spirit healing’ in the rural Philippines—and elsewhere—where certain persons allegedly act as mediums for healing forces, allowing them to perform surgery using their fingers and unsterile tools without violating the skin surface
Paranormal Some cases of PS defy explanation, especially Ze Arigo—José de Freitas; he was investigated by physicians and health authorities, who found that his methods conformed to standards of medical care, and the therapies were effective

psychic surgery,

n a form of psychic healing that involves physical and spiritual surgery, practiced primarily in several indigenous cultures.
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This seems to be related to what she believes is paranormal about psychic surgery, the impressive elements of doing surgery without chemical anesthesia: Patients feel no pain, there is little bleeding, and wounds heal uncannily rapidly, particularly in the Brazilian psychic surgery that Puharich (1974) and Greenfield (2008) describe and that she reviews (pp.
Richard Brenneman, in his book Deadly Blessings, describes many cases of psychic surgery, a practice that flourishes in parts of our country.
McClenon's argument in the book tends to come out in favor of the authenticity of many of the reports of "wondrous events" that he has examined--with reservations: he firmly excludes psychic surgery in the Philippines.