psychic force

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psy·chic en·er·gy

in psychoanalysis, a hypothetic mental force, analogous to the physical concept of energy, which enables and vitalizes a person's psychological activity.
See also: libido.
Synonym(s): psychic force

psychic force

Force generated apart from physical energy.
See also: force

psychic force,

n in psychoanalysis, the libidinous energy of the id. This is regarded as the primary motivating force in the human personality. Also called
psychic energy.
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Nonetheless, these ideas of psychic forces are still common, especially in a variety of healing and metaphysical systems and in the popular culture.
It is through stories that we find ourselves experiencing an intense altered consciousness that opens the door to the submerged archetypes; in the process of symbolically identifying ourselves with different archetypal figures present in stories and fairy-tales we actually reactivate the psychic forces that are associated with those figures.
The ley-line woman (she is called Val and has a loud voice) is arguing with the geology- affects- personality man (Doug, he sneezes a lot) about psychic forces in the landscape.