psychiatric social worker

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psychiatric social worker (PSW)

a social worker who specializes in or works exclusively with the mentally ill.
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When collaborative care is warranted, it is provided on site by the primary care provider, the nurse care manager, the psychiatric social worker, and the pediatric psychiatrist as needed.
The committee heard that psychiatric social workers had been alerted by the landlady of Patient X, who reported that his condition had been deteriorating.
Having seen the havoc this depression can exert upon work and family lives, I now consider a baseline mental health risk assessment by a psychiatric social worker or clinical psychologist to be an essential part of the decision to treat.
When she had a stroke at 29 she lost the use of the right side of her body and had to give up her job as a psychiatric social worker.
The inquest at Ormskirk heard that Miss Galletly, a forensic psychiatric social worker at Whittingham Hospital, a secure unit at Preston, made a formal complaint over her grievance.
Overcoming the Challenges of Long-Term Illness by Irene Pollin, a psychiatric social worker.
Romeo, who inspired five of his children to become physicians and the sixth to become a psychiatric social worker, sees great change ahead for American health care.
The Trust has already formed close links with Gujarat after Gujarati health professionals, including a psychiatric social worker, a psychiatric nurse and four doctors with clinical, research and practice expertise in mental health, visited various services and facilities last year.
She then worked at Worcester State Hospital as a psychiatric social worker, nursing supervisor and retired after twenty-five years service as Assistant Director of Nursing.
Staffing for the program involves a full-time nurse care manager with training as an advanced-practice nurse practitioner, a full-time psychiatric social worker, and a pediatric psychiatrist, who is available 1 day per week.
SANTA CLARITA - A local psychiatric social worker will hold a private fund-raiser today for Santa Clarita's winter shelter, hoping to draw more support and visibility for the city's only facility for the homeless.
I have a friend who is a psychiatric social worker.

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