psychiatric rehabilitation

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psy·chi·a·tric re·hab·i·li·ta·tion

(sī'kē-at'rik rē'hă-bil'i-tā'shŭn)
Service and support provided, with limited professional intervention, to people with long-term psychiatric disabilities to assist them in the performance of self-directed, self-satisfying functional life tasks.
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psychiatric rehabilitation

Any intervention that helps people with psychiatric or psychological restrictions to participate successfully in school or work, the management of their own homes, and relationships with others.
Synonym: psychosocial rehabilitation
See also: rehabilitation
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In psychiatric rehabilitation evidence-based practices are creating outcomes that become more generalized across an individual's life span.
Most psychiatric rehabilitation services have a developmental history that bridges deinstitutionalisation, reprovision in its many forms, community care, and now, social inclusion, to reduce the impact of stigma and promote recovery.
Daumit said she thinks the weight-loss program could be adopted by other psychiatric rehabilitation facilities.
Our country still needs to wake up and evolve a suitable public health psycho social model to help the persons with mental illness for psychiatric rehabilitation."
A psychiatric rehabilitation treatment program: Can I recognize one if I see one?
Hospital of Psychiatry, Bern, Switzerland) and Medalia (psychiatric rehabilitation services, Columbia U.
Average attendance has doubled over the past decade at Henrico County's Lakeside Center for psychiatric rehabilitation services.
Jordan and Japan on Sunday signed a grant contract to improve Jordan Psychiatric Rehabilitation Society's JPRS facilities and introduce new equipment.
director Jonathan Pochin, said: "Cambian Healthcare is the largest provider of intensive psychiatric rehabilitation services in the UK, so to win this job when tendering against three other contractors is great news.
* severe mental illness: Archives of General Psychiatry, Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Journal of Rehabilitation, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, Psychiatric Services.
Psychiatric rehabilitation is an important but often overlooked component of managing--and sometimes preventing--prodromal schizophrenia symptoms.

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