psychiatric disorder

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psychiatric disorder

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Q. Regarding mental illness My mom is suffering from mental illness. As she remains absent minded through out the day, moreover remains silent (talkless), suffering with idiot ideas. Pls advise me how may i resolve this prob. She is sufferring from last 4 years....!!! and now it has increased. We are also under supervision of phycologist but he used to kept her on sleep as alternative. I need yr some corrective suggestion & help. Regards Parth

A. Parth- Dan could be right, there might be another diagnosis for your mother. it sounds like late stages of Parkinson's, but that would be hard to miss due to a very clear first stages.. if Schizophrenia was diagnosed properly - you should know that there are cases of recovery but it's about 15%. so it's not much, but a dual treatment can improve her state. is she taking any medication?

Q. Everyone on my mother's side has mental illness and addictions. How do you convince someone they need help? It seems to be an inherited bi-polar disorder. An uncle shot his wife. A brother shot his wife and killed himself. My son has been diagnosed as bi-polar. How do I convince or get help for other family members who are in denial?

A. Thank you so much for your answer; unfortunately the link didn't work. I'll try to get there though. I've been researching and I think it's going to be bi-polar spectrum disorder. Are there any forums exclusively for that?

Q. How do you know the difference if the child has ADHD or have other mental disorders? The child has been of ADHD medication for four years give or take a few months. The problems are getting gradually worse. She has no patience with anything, can’t sit still. She is ten years old but she acts like she is 6.

A. Sometimes, seasonal allergies can intensify behavior. I have a child with adhd who changes dramatically around fall and spring and it takes a couple of months for her to return to a lower level of adhd-ness. I recently took her to an allergist and found out she's allergic to weeds (fall) and a number of trees (spring).

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Of the diabetic patients, 19 (38%) had only one psychiatric disorder eight (16%) had two disorders, and five (10%) had three different disorders.
In a new study published online in Biological Psychiatry, researchers from Butler Hospital identify an association between biological changes on the cellular level and both childhood adversity and psychiatric disorders.
TITLE: PTSD, Trauma, and Comorbid Psychiatric Disorders in Detained Youth
The evaluation identified a set of symptoms which were rated as specific to a psychiatric disorder and not characteristic of autism as it appears in individuals with intellectual disability.
To examine rates of psychiatric disorders, substance use and treatment-seeking among past-year pregnant and postpartum women, researchers from New York State Psychiatric Institute analysed data from interviews of 43 093 individuals who participated in a survey on alcohol disorders and related conditions.
Pregnant and postpartum women are widely considered to be vulnerable to psychiatric disorders, but no study to date has used methods that permit accurate estimation of the prevalence of a wide range of such disorders among pregnant women in the general U.
Nonetheless, following the advice of these new homosexual advisors, two-thirds of the APA's Board of Trustees, barely a quorum, voted to remove homosexuality as a psychiatric disorder, with only two abstentions.
All respondents were assessed for common psychiatric disorders with the World Health Organization's Composite International Diagnostic Interview (CIDI) and for substance abuse via an adaptation of the CIDI for drugs and Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) for alcohol.
This body of literature is limited, but some initial reports do indicate that recipients who have a psychiatric disorder may be as much as 25% less likely to work than other recipients (Jayakody & Stauffer, 2000; Social Research Institute, 1999).
These calculations revealed that compared with women who had no diagnosis, those with a psychiatric disorder had twice the odds of bearing a low-birth-weight infant (odds ratio, 2.
It found that only 24% of Gulf War veterans reporting physical disabilities had any formal psychiatric disorder such as depression, anxiety or alcoholrelated problems - a similar rate to disabled non-Gulf War veterans.
When NIMH was officially signed into existence by President Truman on July 3,1946, its principal purpose was to support research on severe psychiatric disorders.

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