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abbreviation for psychology.

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Q. Is there any other mind control system to reduce on her pain? My wife has is living with fibromyalgia for nearly 7 years. She has frequent pain, very severe with some other symptoms like heavy tiredness. Life is very difficult for her. She has at times experienced minor and very temporary reduction of pain due to enhanced rest and massage. If rest can help reduce her pain, is there any other mind control system to reduce on her pain?

A. Yes, I went to yoga sessions once for my pain. I do yoga very regularly and have adequate sleep now. Massage therapy is a very good treatment to get relief from pain. Also make sure to bath in hot water which will expand the muscles and relieve the pain. You can try all these along with meds being prescribed by your doctor. All the best!

Q. My mind is getting confused now and i am losing on my focus. why is this change happening in me? I am a bipolar for the past 1 year. With the help of the medicines my episodes has come down. My mood is good and stable. Even my friends say that I am well as compared to previous years. But since last week I am not able to sleep well. My disrupted and reduced sleep is making me stressed. I just get 2-3 hours of sleep at night. After my lunch my tiredness starts again. My mind is getting confused now and I am losing on my focus. Why is this change happening in me?

A. There are some possibilities that you are not taking your diet in time or your diet may not be nutritious as per your requirements. This can cause you to have increased stress and you can lose your sleep. This may increase the tiredness. Check if you are taking your medicines in right time. This can also be due to your stress. You may have stress due to your lifestyle too, which needs to be well managed in a healthy way. You can meet your doctor, as any increase in stress due to sleep deprivation can raise the chances of episodes to return back.

Q. My son who is a bipolar trying to follow his dad. what else we can do to make him have positive mind set? My son who is a bipolar is 12 years old. He cries inside a locked room and is not acting to his age. He refuses to give any reasons for his behavior. He is emotional that he cries aloud while watching movies. During his episodes his behavior turns to a very negative and uncontrolled state. I get frustrated but my husband has no problem with his behavior and he keeps a very good patience on any of his odd behavior. Of late I have found that this has increased his positive thinking and he tries to follow his dad. What else we can do to make him have positive mind set?

A. These are very good signs and your husband is doing good to treat him. I call it as an Ideal healer and a dad’s role. You can also help him in finding his strength and skills and make him to bring them to a good level of expertise. This will help him to develop self confidence. This will make him more positive in his behavior.

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psych alienation scale was applied on research sample (n=47) students from sport talented school 2010/2011, which contained 6 dimensions and 58 phrases, all phrases were positive in the direction of the dimension, and in accordance with the views of experts has been agreed on the balance trio estimate "Yes-3 degrees," To some extent-2 degrees"," No-1 degree", has also been put levels to interpret scale scores measure as follows : "less than 40% means lack of capacity, from 40 to less than 70% means average level of capacity, from 70 to 100% means high level of capacity.
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