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psoralens (sōrˑ··lenz), polycyclic molecules with the ability to absorb ultraviolet photons.
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However, limes may not be available everywhere, and not all citrus fruits have such high psoralen concentrations, meaning limes might not be replaceable by other citrus fruits.
Nowadays, this involves taking psoralens tablets by mouth or applying it directly to the skin and then exposing it to ultraviolet light.
A clinical trial by Partonen (1998) demonstrated that administration of furocoumarin psoralen inhibited hepatic melatonin metabolism to treat seasonal affective disorders in humans in Finland.
However, Cerus studies showed a drop of 10 to 20 percent drop in platelet concentrations in blood treated with psoralens and ultraviolet light.
These include naturally occurring molecules such as chiorophylls, porphyrins, phthalocyanines, flavins, thiazine dyes, acridine dyes, anthraquinone dyes, xanthene dyes, hypercin, tetracyclines, sulfanilamides, psoralens, nalidixic acid, coal tar derivatives, chlorpromazines and aminobenzoic acid derivatives, to name but a few.
Psoralens may be transferred directly when leaves, rinds, or juice come into contact with the skin or indirectly through person-to-person contact.
When exposed to sunlight, the celery's psoralens became irritants and mutagens.
Psoralens can also be found in parsnips, figs and oil of bergamot, the flavouring in Earl Grey tea.
For very severe cases, drugs called psoralens are used.
Dietary psoralens induce hepatotoxicity in C57 mice.