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The psoas needs to be strong enough to lift your leg forward, yet flexible enough to let it extend into arabesque.
The psoas major muscle MyHC I mRNA and MyHC IIx mRNA expression level from TCMF1, as well as the MyHC I mRNA, MyHC IIa mRNA, and MyHC IIx mRNA expression level from TCMF2, increased compared to the control group (p<0.
The involvement of the adjacent anatomical structures (vertebral body destruction, discitis, psoas abscess, and AEF) can accompany these features.
Among patients who enrolled in PSOAS during 2003-2008, more than 70% were on NSAID therapy, compared with 66% of those who enrolled later.
1994) The geometry of the psoas muscle as determined by magnetic resonance imaging.
The traditional open surgical techniques such as end-to-end ureteroureterostomy with or without psoas hitch or Boari flap for the iatrogenic ureteral injuries have shown the obvious drawbacks of relatively high rate of severe complications and poor vascular blood supply in the distal ureters [15].
Los musculos de apoyo (Longissimus thoracis y Psoas major) fueron mas tiernos que los musculos locomotores (Semitendinosus, Quadriceps femoris, Biceps femoris).
Coxa saltans interna, or internal snapping of the psoas, is thought to occur as the iliacus and psoas muscles converge and fuse together as they pass through a groove between the iliopectineal eminence and the anterior inferior iliac spine.
2008) caracterizaron las diferencias fibrilares de dos musculos (Psoas major y Flexor digital) que constituyen la base de dos cortes comerciales muy diferentes en cuanto al valor y la percepcion en el mercado: el solomillo y el morcillo, respectivamente, y determinaron que el Flexor digital es un musculo eminentemente oxidativo mientras que el Psoas major es un musculo de tipo mixto.
The Vital Psoas Muscle: Connecting Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-Being considers this specific muscle, located in the front hip joint and lower spine and critical for postural alignment, movement and overall well-being.
Matanavou souffre d'une "petite dechirure au niveau du psoas, a precise le manager.