psi factor

psi fac·tor

a protein responsible for the specific initiation of the RNA polymerase-catalyzed reaction at the promoter sites of genes.
Synonym(s): ψ factor
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The DGA is saying that there is a loss of $10 billion in business Canada and the DGC says, `OK, we've seen this figure but included in it are Canadian shows shown in America like PSI Factor and Stargate.
Currently the company is talking with various newspaper syndicates and radio shows about marketing the show via a Psi Factor column and radio shorts written by Aykroyd for syndication across the country.
He therefore contends that a Psi factor should minimally include items reflecting belief in these four ostensible processes - telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and PK.
Psi subscale items load weakly on the Precognition factor, and Precognition subscale items load relatively weakly on the Psi factor, with the exception of one item loading .
There were other items that loaded strongly on the Psi factor that were not selected for the Psi subscale (e.
And now, submitted for your mystic approval--Dan Aykroyd as the Rod Serling-style host of "The PSI Factor," surrounded by extras in white coats futzing with lab props.
The PSI Factor -- Chronicles of the Paranormal" takes dramatic license, claiming, or disclaiming, at the opening, "These stories are inspired by the actual case files of the Office of Scientific Investigation & Research.
Individual PSI factors did not correlate significantly with the results of the pure psi analysis, but the group of participants classified as intuitive produced overall significant scores, t(55) = 2.
It is suggested that greater replicability of psi effects is to be achieved once the relative importance of psychological and psi factors is better understood.