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pounds per square inch.
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, Ψrd
1. Upper case psi, the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet.
2. Symbol for pseudouridine; psychology.


1. The 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet (ψ).
2. (ψ) Symbol for pseudouridine; pseudo-; wave function; the dihedral angle of rotation about the C1-Cα bond associated with a peptide bond.
3. Pounds per square inch.
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extrasensory perception

(1) The alleged awareness of another person’s thoughts, allegedly mediated by poorly characterised “factors”.
(2) Reception of information not gained through the physical senses but rather through the mind, which encompasses psychic abilities (e.g., telepathy and clairvoyance) and their transtemporal operation as precognition or retrocognition.
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"Secondly, I don't think the POC will go against PSI's autonomy.
'Only those engaged in smuggling as well as rotten officials are opposed to PSI, because they stand to lose a lot of money from their rackets at the BOC,' Atienza said.
'We are counting on PSI to effectively prevent not only illegal drug shipments, but also the widespread smuggling of high-value farm products, cars, electronics, apparel and what have you, stashed in containers,' he said.
Similar to the approach used by the CMS Hospital Compare website to profile hospitals (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services [CMS] 2016e), we computed a 9.5 percent confidence interval (CI) for each hospital's PSI composite score and then assigned hospitals to performance categories based on a comparison of each hospital's 95 percent CI with the national VA PSI composite score.
The elemental analysis of the Psi in the solvents was performed by EDAX spectra suggest that the presence of Psi.
Headquartered in Durham, NC, Beta Alpha Psi has 300 chapters on college and university campuses with over 300,000 members initiated since Beta Alpha Psi's formation.
"This confusion has been compounded by (Delta Lambda Psi's) use of DLP to identify itself on Twitter, MySpace and in its founding documents," the complaint alleges, saying continued such use is likely to cause continued "confusion, mistake and deception."
According to the noise-reduction model, the weak psi signal is more likely to breach consciousness when other competing information is reduced (cf.
PSI Group's board of directors will now consider litigation in consultation with its advisers.
The subsidiary reported an operating loss of NOK24.5m in 2010 and the deal will be accretive to PSI's earnings, CEO Jorgen Waaler said.
Capable of producing pressures in excess of 90,000 psi, the company's 100 hp X-Stream xP90-100 waterjet intensifier pump is said to achieve much faster cutting speeds and drastically lowers operating costs compared to traditional 60,000 psi pumps, enabling users to increase productivity and reduce part costs, according to the manufacturer.