Sabin-Feldman syndrome

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Sabin-Feldman syndrome

A syndrome of uncertain validity that was described by AB Sabinand and HA Feldman in the Journal of Pediatrics (1949) as an autosomal recessive condition occurring in inbred cohorts, characterised by a toxoplasmosis-like syndrome with extensive destruction of brain tissue, hydrocephalus, diffuse cerebral calcification, chorioretinopathy, microcephaly, mental retardation and bizarre changes of small blood vessels. There is little recent literature on this syndrome.
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Harry Alfred, U.S. epidemiologist, 1914–.
Sabin-Feldman dye test - see under Sabin
Sabin-Feldman syndrome - see under Sabin


Albert Bruce, U.S. epidemiologist, 1906-1993.
Sabin-Feldman dye test - a method for the detection of antitoxoplasma antibody in serum.
Sabin-Feldman syndrome - chorioretinitis and cerebral calcifications.
Sabin vaccine - an orally administered vaccine containing live, attenuated strains of poliovirus.
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