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A philosophy described by Nobel laureate Murray Gell-Mann as ‘the dissociation of belief from evidence’
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It's just that I honestly believe people like Morris Holbrook or Bob Grafton Small, people who write in a creative fashion, have far more to say to practising marketers than the pseudoscientists, the artless wonders.
economy with incredibly complex and expensive environmental regulations, based on the unsubstantiated ravings of pseudoscientists in headlong pursuit of research funding.
Aging research, until quite recently, has been predominantly the domain of pseudoscientists and quacks.
A lot of the pseudoscientists today would say, uh-uh, we mustn't follow Snow's work until we find out exactly what it is all due to and how it works.
You don't want to spend all your time debunking pseudoscientists who have their fingers stuck in their ears, saying "La-la-la-la
Nothing makes a pseudoscientist happier than apparently baffling a "mainstream" scientist.
Marcello has always had a friendly, at times admiring, attitude toward pseudoscientists and psychic con artists.
Everyday irrationality: How pseudoscientists, lunatics and the rest of us systematically fail to think rationally.
As I understand it, your publication is associated with the valiant efforts of some scholars to debunk pseudoscience and to raise the alarm as to the dangers of the methods and conclusions of pseudoscientists.
And in the light of Rand's proud claim that her Objectivist epistemology and ethics constitute a science - she is not using the term in the weaker sense of "culinary science" or the "science of theology" - to critique Rand's work is indeed "to debunk pseudoscience and to raise the alarm as to the dangers of pseudoscientists.
Shermer calls attention to the use of nonoperationalized and merely scientific-sounding phrases by many pseudoscientists (p.
50), but one might then reasonably ask why Shermer seems not to have followed this recommendation in regard to field investigating individuals whom he proclaims to be pseudoscientists.