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A philosophy described by Nobel laureate Murray Gell-Mann as ‘the dissociation of belief from evidence’
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The Johnson Intervention and DARE are relatively clear examples of pseudoscientific approaches that have received negligible empirical support or even negative findings.
On a more comparable ground, almost similar pseudoscientific beliefs have hampered many successful public health programs in Pakistan.
The ability to distinguish between a scientific claim and a pseudoscientific claim, arises from the acquisition of an insight into the operational mindset of modern science.
Indeed, he goes so far as to call Pope John Paul II the 'leader of a major pseudoscientific cult' (271) and seriously defends that view (346-7).
The artists have also joined forces with parapsychologist Dr Ciar[sz]n O'Keefe from popular paranormal TV series Most Haunted, who has helped the artists to combine modern scientific and pseudoscientific techniques to create this highly-charged situation.
This book is designed to get general readers and students in the middle grades and up thinking about the difference between scientific and pseudoscientific pursuits, whether the term 'pseudoscience' explains anything, and whether the various topics explored here, from acupuncture to zombies, are worthy of the name pseudoscience.
This is a fascinating and very well organized book which provides the reader with a contextual understanding and historical appreciation of the nature of science and its importance to past, current, and future debates on scientific pursuits such as evolution and those which are considered to be pseudoscientific; namely intelligent design (creationism).
I shudder to think that "Excessive Nose Picking" could be listed in DSM-V with a fancy name such as "Rhinotelexomania" or "Excessive Nail Biting" with a sexy label such as "Onychophagia." Psychiatry has been under attack for being pseudoscientific and not worthy of the respect that other medical specialties command.
"Many postsecondary educators are concerned about the rising tide of pseudoscientific, fundamentally anti-intellectual belief among otherwise well educated American (Bates, 1991, p.
"A rigorously pseudoscientific examination of 'the new plate tectonics of American society,' it asserts that a 'new consensus ...
Pseudoscientific Methods" ( mi) that sheds light on the differences between credible, scientific evidence and pseudoscientific evidence.
An hour's trawl of 'alternative' medicine internet sites produced an array of half truths, scare-mongering, pseudoscientific gobbledegook and umpteen testimonials from Mrs X, who said her dog got better etc.