pseudoplastic fluid

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pseu·do·plas·tic flu·id

a fluid which exhibits shear thinning.
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The investigated aqueous xanthan gum solutions exhibit the behavior of pseudoplastic fluid that is expected for xanthan gum (Diaz, Vendruscolo, & Vendruscolo, 2004; Rottava et al., 2009).
For a Newtonian fluid n =1, for a dilatant fluid n >1 and pseudoplastic fluid n <1).
For a fluid with 0 < n < 1, the effective viscosity decreases with shear rate, and the fluid is called shear-thinning or pseudoplastic fluid.
Power law fluid is non-Newtonian model, which usually includes pseudoplastic fluid and expansion plastic fluid.
All the gum solutions showed pseudoplastic fluid behavior, as expected for xanthan gum.
They have studied the shape and the size of cavern generated around a radial-flow Scaba 6SRGT impeller in the mixing of xanthan gum solution, which is a pseudoplastic fluid possessing yield stress.
(1996): "study on surge Pressure for Yield Pseudoplastic Fluid in a Concentric Annulus", Applied mathematics and mechanics, Vol.
Non-Newtonian fluids include Bingham plastic fluid, pseudoplastic fluid, and expansion fluid, depending on different rheological properties [15].
At low shearing rate range (ln [[??].sub.m] < 5), the ln [[eta].sub.a] of various nanocomposites are nearly unchanged with increasing shearing rate, belonging to the Newtonian fluid; while at high shearing rate range (ln [[??].sub.m] > 5), the ln [[eta].sub.a] of various nanocomposites decreases sharply with increasing shearing rate, belonging to the pseudoplastic fluid, due to the disentanglements between the molecular chains or between the molecular chains and nanoparticles.
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