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A mineral found crystallized in a form that is not proper to it but to some other mineral.
[pseudo- + G. morphē, form]
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As referred to earlier, airborne particles in smoke from forest fires include pseudomorphs of CaOx in the form of CaC[O.sub.3] (Hoyas et al.
Rarely, the district has also provided good specimens of hausmannite, pyrolusite, pseudomorphs of hausmannite after manganite, and pseudomorphs of pyrolusite after calcite--but it is almost entirely to its wonderful manganite specimens that Ilfeld owes its fame in the world of mineral collecting.
Chemical weathering of plagioclase, alkali feldspar, and biotite has formed kaolin which mostly occurs as an anisotropic matrix which pseudomorphs primary minerals (Fig.
Donaldson, A., and Hilowle, M.A., 2002, Organic mats, evaporite pseudomorphs and soft-sediment deformation in quartz arenites of the Cambro-Ordovician Nepean Formation: GAC-MAC, Saskatoon 2002, Program with Abstracts, [ sub_program.asp?sess=98&form=10&abs_no=73]
Ink Release 43 Thick or diffuse clouds, pseudomorphs, long ropes, short strings, diffuse puffs, or alternating with defecation 6.
The ratios among the remaining alkalies and alkaline earths, as well as their concentrations in the HO--Al(Mg, Fe)--O--Si--O newly formed precipitates and their total negative charge, are decisive in the resulting clay mineral assemblage within the individual pseudomorphs. The microenvironment rich in [K.sup.+] prefers the crystallization of illite, while that rich in [Na.sup.+] or [Ca.sup.2+] or [Mg.sup.2+] prefers the crystallization of smectite or vermiculite.
Microscopic supporting evidence includes microcracks, intraformational micro-breccia/conglomerate, an abundance of dolomite, anhydrite/gypsum pseudomorphs, and fenestrate structures lined with calcite, dolomite and tar.