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A mineral found crystallized in a form that is not proper to it but to some other mineral.
[pseudo- + G. morphē, form]
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Braunite occurs in good crystals in the manganese deposit at Ohrenstock near Ilmenau, in the Thuringian Forest about 100 km south of Ilfeld, but in the Ilfeld manganese veins it did not form good macrospecimens--lustrous crystals to 5 mm have been noted rarely, and braunite pseudomorphs after manganite occasionally have appeared (, 2010).
However, subsoils formed in saprolite may contain fragile pseudomorphs of primary minerals resulting in minor fabric alteration by ripping.
The ratios among the remaining alkalies and alkaline earths, as well as their concentrations in the HO--Al(Mg, Fe)--O--Si--O newly formed precipitates and their total negative charge, are decisive in the resulting clay mineral assemblage within the individual pseudomorphs. The microenvironment rich in [K.sup.+] prefers the crystallization of illite, while that rich in [Na.sup.+] or [Ca.sup.2+] or [Mg.sup.2+] prefers the crystallization of smectite or vermiculite.
Microscopic supporting evidence includes microcracks, intraformational micro-breccia/conglomerate, an abundance of dolomite, anhydrite/gypsum pseudomorphs, and fenestrate structures lined with calcite, dolomite and tar.
Baculi can be regarded as original structures (our preferred interpretation) or as pseudomorphs formed during the earliest stages of fossilization (e.g.
The presence of platy goethite pseudomorphs and platy leach casts after pyrrhotite provide important evidence for the origin of Okorusu fluorite orebodies by the replacement of pegmatitic carbonatite.