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Pseudomembranes erupt out of dilated crypts to form a mushroomlike or volcano-like cloud.
However, colonoscopy is required because as many as one third of patients have pseudomembranes limited to the more proximal colon (24).
After Park invented a "culture tube" to store cotton swabs rubbed against the tonsils or pseudomembranes of suspected diphtheria victims, the Board of Health established 34 depots where doctors could pick up and drop off the portable tubes and receive results by noon the next day.
A white pseudomembrane covers the center of the lesion.
From the Greek diphthera (leather), diphtheria is named for the tough pseudomembrane that forms in the patient's throat.
In addition, the destruction of cell junctions causes an intense intestinal leukocyte migration that result in the formation of a pseudomembrane, which is a characteristic of the disease in humans (LYERLY et al.
Various clinical pictures including mild-moderate conjunctival erythema, little, mucoid or abundant, purulent discharge, ocular edema, conjunctival edema or pseudomembrane formation may be observed (7,8,18).
Clostridium difficile infection can often be identified endoscopically and histologically by its characteristic pseudomembrane formation (Figure 4).
Degranulated hemocytes develop a pseudomembrane to cover the connective tissue.
15) Erosive LP most often appears as a mixture of intensely erythematous mucosa with large areas of irregularly shaped ulceration with a whitish-yellowish pseudomembrane.
A 9-year-old Indian runner duck (Anas platyrhynchos) was presented with an ulcerative lesion, with pseudomembrane and serocellular crust affecting the axillary region.
Antibiotic-associated colitis maybe associated with abdominal cramping, fever, serum leukocytes, faecal leukocytes, hypoalbuminaemia from malabsorption, colonic thickening on computed tomography (CT) and pseudomembrane formation.