Any circumscribed, soft, smooth, usually movable swelling or tumefaction that grossly resembles a lipoma.
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El Hibernoma o lipoma de grasa parda, descrito originalmente en 1906 por Merkel (1), es un tumor benigno extremadamente infrecuente, nombrado primeramente como Pseudolipoma.
Prominent pericaval fat above the caudate lobe gives the falls impression of Pseudolipoma due to volume averaging.
Brooke RI, MacGregor AJ: Traumatic pseudolipoma of the buccal mucosa.
3 cases of pseudolipomas were encountered (2 in back and 1 in lateral forearm) which is a rare variety of diffuse type or pseudolipoma.
Capsulated or true lipomas are easy to diagnose when compared to pseudolipoma.
This pseudolipoma is one of the clinical types of lipoma where classical signs like "Slip sign" cannot be elicited, borders are not well made out, mobility cannot be made easily, soft to firm in consistency and non tender.