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Pseudohyperkalemia was ruled out by well controlled venipuncture and repeated blood sampling.
3,4) Cases of pseudohyperkalemia due to pneumatic tube transport especially in disease states with fragile cell membranes such as leukemia and disorders of RBC cell membranes leads to hemolysis and potassium leakage
First, pseudohyperkalemia (or factitious hyperkalemia) should be excluded.
Prior to running a specimen for a potassium level, there are causes that can create a factitious or pseudohyperkalemia reading, it is important to recognize these factors.
Pseudohyperkalemia caused by fist clenching during phlebotomy.
When high potassium levels are apparent, pseudohyperkalemia must first be rifled out.
Continued monitoring demonstrated that this program was successful in substantially lowering the incidence of pseudohyperkalemia across the institution.
In the article, "Investigating elevated potassium values" (MLO, November 2006, page 24), little was presented to explain a case of pseudohyperkalemia that we experienced recently.
Conversely, pseudohyperkalemia can elevate an abnormally low potassium, masking a real illness such as:
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