An outpouching from the lumen into an area of central necrosis within a large smooth muscle tumor, along any part of the intestinal wall.
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In a comparative study of dorsal and ventral onlay techniques using grafts and flaps, Dubey et al from SGPGI, Lucknow showed that complications were more common with ventral onlay than dorsal onlay, which include fistulas (21% to 13%), ejaculatory dysfunction (20% to 5%), Urethral pseudodiverticulum (26% to 3%), post void dribbling (39% to 23%).
Complications of penile fracture are penile curvature, erectile dysfunction, pain during intercourse, high-flow priapism, pseudodiverticulum and fistula.
The videourodynamic clinician should not only visualize the size and location of bladder diverticula; diagnosis should also include imaging the neck of the diverticulum to ensure it is not a pseudodiverticulum.
The ballooning of the lateral wall of the pharynx during the Valsalva maneuver is considered to be a typical finding or even a pseudodiverticulum.