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A colorless liquid obtained from coal tar; used in the sterilization of catgut.
Synonym(s): pseudocumol
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The Table 13 presents trends of pseudocumene, mesitylene and hemimellitene concentration variations in selected tissues, including blood of animals exposed to single, as relative to repeated exposure to TMB isomers.
The patterns of changes of pseudocumene, concentrations in the solid tissues and blood were ambivalent or varied at similar levels that depended on the exposure magnitude instead of inhalation exposure time.
If it is assumed that the neurotoxic effect after 4-week exposure depends on the level of TMB isomers in blood, then the most potent isomer is pseudocumene, the blood level of which was dependent on exposure magnitude and practically independent of exposure time.
In our earlier studies, we had detected significant changes in the results of neurobehavioral tests, during which rats exposed by inhalation to pseudocumene or hemimellitene were given amphetamine, which is a strong psychostymulant.
Lower concentrations of pseudocumene metabolites in urine found in our study 4 weeks after exposure termination as compared with those after a single exposure may evidence the saturation of pseudocumene metabolic transformation in tissues.
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