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Findings associated with aortic lesions include mediastinal hemorrhage (Figure 5), aortic-contour deformity, intimal flap, intramural hematoma, direct evidence of a tear, thrombus into the aortic lumen, pseudoaneurysm (Figure 6), abrupt tapering of the descending aorta relative to the ascending aorta ("pseudocoarctation"), and rupture with extravasation of contrast material [22, 25].
Other potential abnormalities mimicking aortic dissection on axial images include coarctation, pseudocoarctation, saccular aneurysm and pseudoaneursym.
CT findings of aortic injuries include blood within the mediastinum, deformities of the aortic contour, intimal flaps, thrombus or debris protruding into the aortic lumen, the presence of a pseudo-aneurysm, or an abrupt tapering of the diameter of the descending aorta compared with the ascending aorta ('pseudocoarctation').