Possessing or characterized by the presence of psammoma bodies; refers usually to certain types of meningioma or to meningeal hyperplasia with psammoma bodies.
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The epithelioid blue nevus: a multicentric familial tumor with important associations, including cardiac myxoma and psammomatous melanotic schwannoma.
Varying degree of psammomatous to irregular, dystrophic calcifications were present (Figure-5).
Another entity that needs attention in differential diagnosis is psammomatous melanocytic schwannoma.
Meningiomas are classified according to the neoplasm characteristics, such as tissue invasion, mitotic index, cellular pleomorphism, necrosis and extra neural metastasis, which are malignancy indicators, in addition to the classification in subtypes: meningothelial, fibromatous, transitional, psammomatous, among others (HIGGINS et al., 2017; LOUIS et al., 2016).
Grade I meningiomas lack any higher grade histological features and have many differing histologic patterns including meningothelial (classic pattern), fibrous, transitional, psammomatous, angiomatous, microcystic, secretory, lymphoplasmacyte-rich, and metaplastic.
In transitional meningioma, common features are noticed, exhibiting different proportions, characteristic both for syncytial and fibroblastic meningiomas, while numerous psammoma bodies are seen in psammomatous meningioma (Figure 3) [15, 44].
Less frequently encountered variants of the MEC include oncocytic MEC, sebaceous MEC, psammomatous MEC, spindle cell MEC, goblet cell aggressive MEC, and sclerosing MEC.
In a study done in 163 cases, the most common histopathological subtype in primary extracranial meningiomas of head was meningothelial meningioma (53.4%) followed by transitional type (12.3%), psammomatous type (11.7%), and fibrous type (6.7%).
(1) The pathognomonic histopathologic feature of the psammomatous type is the presence of spherical ossicles, which are similar to psammoma bodies.
We had 6 bony orbital lesions (sphenoid wing meningioma, psammomatous meningioma of the ethmoid, fibrous dysplasia of superior orbital wall, reparative giant cell granuloma of maxilla, etc.).
Psammomatous melanotic schwannoma, plexiform schwannoma, microcystic/reticular schwannoma are further variants of schwannoma8,9.
Echogenic ovarian foci without shadowing: Are they caused by psammomatous calcifications?