prussic acid

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hy·dro·cy·an·ic ac·id (HCN),

(hī'drō-sī-an'ik as'id),
HCN; A colorless, toxic liquid, with the odor of bitter almonds, present in bitter almonds (amygdalin), the stones of peaches, plums, and other drupes, and laurel leaves; inhalation of 300 ppm causes death.
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Nitrate and Prussic Acid Toxicity in Forage Causes, Prevention and Feeding Management, pp: 1-4.
(It had also been used to execute prisoners in the United States since the 1920s.) When exposed, it releases hydrocyanic acid (or HCN, prussic acid) into the air.
She indicated that the illness the Bordens were suffering from before the tragedy was clearly a case of food poisoning rather than prussic acid, that celebrated last breakfast of four-day-old mutton soup making its presence felt.
Bitter almonds contain a substance very like prussic acid, and the aroma and flavor of these almonds expressed in almond extract is familiar to most us in almond macaroons and marzipan.
There are direct, scathing swats at Malcolm Muggeridge ("a chatterbox all smile and prussic acid, bristling with insincerity"), Dore Schary ("so constipated with his own importance that his smallest pronouncement sounds like Pitt the Elder"), Norman Mailer ("never fails to provide pure horse-cock"), Barbara Walters, David Susskind.
A concoction of prussic acid, aconite and treacle failed to have the desired effect so the order for two dozen rifle men to enter the den was given.
Hydrocyanic acid is a source of cyanide and is also known as prussic acid. Consumption of such crops by sheep or any grazing animal results in a disorder called prussic acid poisoning.
The compound thought of as the parent of all these salts is variously called hydrogen cyanide, hydrocyanic acid, or prussic acid.
"Prussic acid, or cyanide poisoning can occur when grazing immature sudangrasses and sorghum sudans," he warned, "but most of the time it comes from grazing newly frosted material or the very lush young growth after the tops have been frosted.
If compulsory vaccination for the good of the community is to be introduced may I suggest we start with a prussic acid injection for every little Hitler who wishes to erode our (limited) freedom even more?
MARCH 19, 1945, at Mountjoy: James Herbert Lehman, 45, Canadian ex-soldier, for the murder of his wife, Margaret, 29, by poisoning her with prussic acid at 11 Leinster Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6.
It therefore took little time for the Staffordshire coroner to request the exhumation of both Walter and Anne Palmer, and the presence of antimony on one of them and prussic acid on the other surprised few of the jury.