prurigo simplex

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any of several itchy skin eruptions in which the characteristic lesion is dome-shaped with a small transient vesicle on top, followed by crusting or lichenification. adj., adj prurig´inous.
prurigo gestatio´nis (prurigo gestationis of Besnier) an extremely pruritic condition of unknown etiology occurring in the third trimester of pregnancy, characterized by the development of tiny crust-covered excoriated papules mainly on the extensor surfaces of the limbs but also found on the upper trunk and other areas of the body, and leaving a postinflammatory residue on resolution of the lesions. It tends to clear after delivery and to recur with subsequent pregnancies.
prurigo mi´tis prurigo of a mild type.
prurigo nodula´ris a form of neurodermatitis, usually occurring on the extremities in middle-aged women, marked by discrete, firm, rough-surfaced, dark brownish-gray, intensely itchy nodules.
prurigo sim´plex papular urticaria.
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pru·ri·go sim·plex

a mild form of prurigo having a pronounced tendency to relapse.
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pru·ri·go sim·plex

(prū-rī'gō sim'pleks')
A mild form of itchy skin disease with a pronounced tendency to relapse.
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(proo-ri'go) [L., prurigo, an itch]
A chronic skin disease of unknown etiology, marked by constantly recurring, discrete, pale, deep-seated, intensely itchy papules on extensor surfaces of limbs. Synonym: prurigo nodularis

prurigo agria

A severe type of prurigo that starts in childhood and persists. The skin becomes thickened and pigmented. Because of the severe itching and scratching, secondary pustules, boils, and abscesses may develop.

prurigo estivalis

A form of polymorphic light eruption characterized by prurigo and photodermatitis. It recurs every summer and continues during hot weather.

prurigo mitis

Mild prurigo.

prurigo nodularis


pregnancy prurigo

A form of prurigo that usually has its onset in the middle trimester of pregnancy or later. The lesions occur on the proximal portion of the limbs and upper part of the trunk and usually improve spontaneously before term or rapidly after delivery.

simple acute prurigo

A simple form of prurigo that often recurs. It is thought to be caused by a reaction to bites in sensitive subjects.

prurigo simplex

Urticaria papulosa.
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