prurigo gestationis

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any of several itchy skin eruptions in which the characteristic lesion is dome-shaped with a small transient vesicle on top, followed by crusting or lichenification. adj., adj prurig´inous.
prurigo gestatio´nis (prurigo gestationis of Besnier) an extremely pruritic condition of unknown etiology occurring in the third trimester of pregnancy, characterized by the development of tiny crust-covered excoriated papules mainly on the extensor surfaces of the limbs but also found on the upper trunk and other areas of the body, and leaving a postinflammatory residue on resolution of the lesions. It tends to clear after delivery and to recur with subsequent pregnancies.
prurigo mi´tis prurigo of a mild type.
prurigo nodula´ris a form of neurodermatitis, usually occurring on the extremities in middle-aged women, marked by discrete, firm, rough-surfaced, dark brownish-gray, intensely itchy nodules.
prurigo sim´plex papular urticaria.

pru·ri·go ges·ta·tio·'nis

a pruritic papular skin disease occurring in pregnant women, without adversely affecting pregnancy or the fetus.