prurigo agria

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chronic prurigo

A papular prurigo or follicular eczema of adults that arises in a background of atopic dermatitis, which is associated with intense pruritus and lichenification.

prurigo agria

A severe type of prurigo that starts in childhood and persists. The skin becomes thickened and pigmented. Because of the severe itching and scratching, secondary pustules, boils, and abscesses may develop.
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Ferdinand von, Austrian dermatologist, 1816-1880.
Hebra disease - an acute eruption of macules, papules, or subdermal vesicles presenting a multiform appearance. Synonym(s): erythema multiforme; familial nonhemolytic jaundice
Hebra prurigo - a severe form of chronic dermatitis with secondary infection. Synonym(s): prurigo agria; prurigo ferox