prune juice sputum

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A descriptive term for the watery, dark brown, haemorrhagic sputum of advanced pneumococcal pneumonia
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prune juice sputum

A descriptor for the watery, dark brown, hemorrhagic sputum of advanced pneumococcal pneumonia. Cf Rusty sputum.
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(spu'tum) plural.sputa [L.]
Mucus expelled from the lung by coughing. It may contain a variety of materials from the respiratory tract, including in some instances cellular debris, mucus, blood, pus, caseous material, and/or microorganisms.


A wide variety of illnesses, including typical and atypical pneumonias, tuberculosis, cancers of the lungs or bronchi, reactive airway disease, and occupational diseases of the lungs can be diagnosed with gram staining or culturing of sputum, cytological examination of sputum, or the use of special stains and microscopic techniques.


Sputum color or thickness cannot be relied on to diagnose any particular illness.

bloody sputum


currant jelly sputum

Thick sputum mixed with clotted blood, typically seen in patients with pneumonia caused by Klebsiella pneumoniae.

nummular sputum

Sputum laden with round, coin-shaped solids.

prune juice sputum

Thin, reddish, bloody sputum.

rusty sputum

Blood-tinged purulent sputum sometimes seen in patients with pneumococcal pneumonia.
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