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The proximal segment of bowel with associated mesentery telescopes into the distal segment, leading to venous and lymphatic congestion, edema, and eventually development of obstruction, ischemia, and perforation.
099%) of HD colon were significantly reduced when compared to their proximal segment (1.
Results: MSCT had sensitivity, specificity, positive, and negative predictive values for proximal segment obstructions of 95%, 92%, 92%, and 95%, respectively; for middle segment obstructions: 95%, 96%, 94%, and 97%, respectively; and for distal segment obstructions: 92%, 96%, 80%, and 98%, respectively.
The CTA and MRA showed severe stenosis of the proximal segment of the right posterior cerebral artery (PCA) and distal vascular branches reduced [Figure 1]d and [Figure 1]e.
Coronarography revealed an occlusion in medial segment of the left anterior descending coronary artery (RIA), stenosis of the first diagonal artery (D1) and 95% stenosis of the proximal segment of the dominant right coronary artery (ACD).
An IM nail is a device with numerous biomechanical advantages, but malreduction occurs easily in subtrochanteric fractures owing to the short proximal segment and wide medullary canal, which makes it difficult to achieve stable fixation.
Further, there appears to be a difference in functional characteristics between the proximal and distal ends of RA with the proximal segment demonstrating more vasoreactivity and force of contraction in response to vasopressors [6].
However, LAD artery was totally occluded in the proximal segment just after a huge 32 x 26 mm sized aneurysm (Figure 1).
These proximal segment stimulations could be very helpful in detecting the lesions involving the abovementioned areas and in determining their axonal or demyelinating nature and severity (4).
However, on the third and seventh day of the observation, PH had a stronger positive effect in the distal end of the nerve, as compared to its proximal segment, and caused average reduction in LPL amount 2 times as compared to the damage.
A thrombectomy was done in the proximal and distal segments of the LAD with improvement of flow in the distal segment but the proximal segment had significant residual thrombosis.
They concluded that motor conduction abnormalities in diabetic poly neuropathy were diffuse over the entire length of the nerve, but were more intense in the distal than in the proximal segment.

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