provisional prosthesis

pro·vi·sion·al pros·the·sis

an interim dental prosthesis worn for varying periods of time.

pro·vi·sion·al pros·the·sis

(prŏ-vizh'ŭn-ăl pros-thē'sis)
Interim dental prosthesis worn for varying periods of time.
Synonym(s): interim prosthesis.

provisional prosthesis,

n an interim prosthesis worn for varying periods.
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In selected healthy patients, significant time and clinic visits may be saved by simultaneous extraction, implant placement, and restoration with a simple acrylic resin provisional prosthesis.
In the meantime, to provide an immediate temporary solution and to enable the patient to recover socially, the maxillofacial prosthodontist constructed an eyeglasses-supported provisional prosthesis.
The flow chart of the process used to make the provisional prosthesis is shown in Figure 2.
Finally, we reconnected the provisional prosthesis to the eyeglasses with a bolt (Figure 7(b)) and delivered the prosthesis to the patient (Figure 8).
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