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noun The method used in homeopathy to test new substances for therapeutic potential. In a proving, the agent of interest (the “remedy”) is administered to a group of healthy individuals to determine the pattern of symptoms evoked by the remedy. In the second stage of proving, the symptoms evoked by the remedy must be reversed by the remedy.
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(proo′vĭng) plural.provings
In homeopathy, an assessment of the symptoms experienced by healthy volunteers after they are treated with a proposed remedy.
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Patient discussion about proving

Q. Do doctors normally do ultrasounds to prove you have mis carried?? 2 weeks ago i found out i was pregnant, i started spottion so we went to the hospital where they toldl me i miscarried, but they did not do any alternative tests to prove it not even check my Hcg levels. Im wandering if i should get a second opinion to make sure.

A. Congratulations on the new pregnancy - that's wonderful news!

Q. Is it really working? My boyfriend practice Chinese medicine and he always advocate Chinese medicine and brings many examples in which regular medicine failed for many years and one treatment of acupuncture cured the problem. I know it sounds convincing, but maybe these stories are misleading? I find it hard to believe in this meridian thing. It seems just like an old and out-of-date theory. What do you think?

A. As a successful practicing doctor of Chinese medicine I can tell you this: it doesn't matter what a patient believes if the diagnosis and treatment is correct. I treat patients every day who benefit from treatment as seen by objective sign and symptom changes. I am not providing new-age this or that, or ambient music, or BS talk. It's a standardized form of medicine with a complete theory at its foundation. Those who say otherwise are uneducated, inexperienced, and full of empty speculative opinions. This is real clinical experience talking, having worked and practiced in 5 clinics with vastly different patient demographics.

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"What the Proving Factory offers is the ability to make our technology," he said.
AGA 6 on Transfer Meter Proving using Master Meters is also being updated and rewritten.
Frustratingly, all the method could tell them was that the kissing number was at most 25--tantalizingly close to proving that the kissing number is indeed 24, but not close enough.
Nadeau, program executive officer, ground combat systems, Warren, Mich., to deputy commanding general, United States Army Research, Development and Engineering Command, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.
Despite their simplicity, these axioms-called the standard axioms of set theory--have enabled mathematicians to set up a rigorous framework for proving results in all mathematical fields, from fractals to differential equations.
It also said the IRS had not met its burden of proving the trustee's allocation method wrong.
Since Ayco did not accomplish the difficult [if not impossible] task of proving that rates would increase, the damage award was affirmed.
Two solutions: Privatization of college housing, which is proving to be a viable and profitable solution to the student housing crunch in other markets, and conversion of other multiple family dwellings such as hotels and apartment buildings.
GEOMETRIC BUILDING BLOCKS In the late 1970s, mathematician William Thurston, now at the University of California, Davis, envisioned away to tame the menagerie of three-dimensional spaces--an idea that gave mathematicians a roadmap for proving the Poincare conjecture.
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However, the taxpayer bears the burden of proving the intangible asset has an ascertainable value separate from goodwill and a limited useful life determinable with reasonable accuracy.