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Provincial/Territorial Nurses Association (PTNA)

an association of Canadian nurses organized at the provincial or territorial level. The Canadian Nurses' Association is a federation of the 11 PTNAs.
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The frame narrative of The White Castle raises the issues of patronage, provinciality and authenticity through the figure of the marginal historian, who claims to have discovered, championed and translated the work, and the narrator, whose elliptical and troubling writings lie so long undiscovered, un-championed and incomprehensible in a decaying regional archive.
Selected works of German realism are here defended against the familiar charge of provinciality by showing how texts are ordered by the maintenance and transgression of boundaries: geographical, racial, cultural, and between genders.
In letters to Malcohn Cowley, Harvey Breit, and Lillian Ross, Hemingway disparages Faulkner's writing, alcoholism, Nobel Prize, and affected provinciality, occasionally calling him "corncob" (SL 681, 768-772, 807, 829, 862).
Provinciality and the face of the other: Levinas on communication ethics, terrorism- Otherwise than originative agency.
Topics include pelagic correlation in areas of Morocco, sequence stratigraphy and depositional evidence in the Appalachian Valley, tectonics and faunal provinciality in east-central North America, the Kacak Event and its implications for understanding land-sea interactions, Givetian brachiopod-goniatite correlation in the Dra Valley, mass extinction in Germany, environmental changes detected by magnetic and geochemical studies in central Moroccotetrapods of the Late Devonian, implications found in the record of Gondwana, and the carboniferous boundary of Morocco and Algeria.
He is conscious, like any exile, of the arbitrariness and provinciality of any culture, social forms, language, and the way reality is perceived.
Deep affection for the church did not prevent these writers and artists from making satiric remarks about Catholicism's provinciality and peculiarities.
When I thought of the alterations to the Globe's physical structure that the production introduced, I could see only that the new ramps through the audience in the yard onto the stage did nothing to connect us to the plebeians' position, only to bring the groundlings--itself of course a term Shakespeare invented as a word of contempt--into closer contact with these inane, ridiculous, provincial workers, comic for their stupidity, for their provinciality and simply for being workers at all.
A colonial project and American locations thus created new social, political, and agricultural calendars, with seasons and schedules that sometimes reminded colonists of their provinciality.
The title District and Circle is thus accurate as to the book's loving provinciality.
Essentially, he maintains that without recourse to a truth standard that '"blots out" space and time' and 'bursts every provinciality asunder', (9) it would not be possible to secure the nondefeatism of critical reason in the face of the 'contextualist threat' deriving from the diversity of allegedly self-validating paradigms, linguistic formations, and worldviews that proliferate in the wake of the 'linguistic turn' which characterises the transition to postfoundationalism.
It is this kind of sophisticated examination that fills the book with interest beyond the provinciality of the purely Cuban--to a state of positive transnationalisation.