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n a healthy person who takes a homeopathic remedy and then reports its effects. Also called
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The integration of Prover Technology's Prover SL proof engine with Esterel Studio's formal verification technology gives Esterel Technologies' semiconductor and telecom customers access to a powerful yet easy-to-use verification solution," said Eric Bantegnie, president and CEO of Esterel Technologies.
Normally, the meter prover volume between the switches is calibrated against a device called a Seraphin can whose precise volume is traceable to NIST.
One primary aspect of integration that differentiates these approaches is the degree of trust the theorem prover places in the computer algebra system.
As a safety feature, observation windows have been added to the drive end giving the operator visual access to the belt and shaft assembly as well as the motor drive assembly while the prover is functioning.
Witness: A witness is a device that is in closeness with the prover and is eager to create an STP proof for the prover ahead receiving his/her request.
Consequently, in this paper, we jointly employ certain elements of the reported protocols to achieve our main goal: development of the authentication protocols with asymmetric implementation complexity at Prover and Verifier sides which provides desired provable level of cryptographic security.
Aramco Yanbu Marine Terminal: metering skids with prover, 2
Alderley, a leading engineering company operating in the oil, gas, petrochemical and water industry, has won a contract to supply nine oil metering systems and small volume provers for a project in Saudi Arabia.
Gridsum Technology, based in China, is a prover of enterprise software and solutions based on cloud computing and big data.
An oven, prover, bread slicer and three mixers have been installed in the college's teaching kitchen thanks to a PS43,000 grant from the Savoy Educational Trust.
An identification scheme allows a prover to prove himself to a verifier with the verifier learning nothing about the prover's secret key.
The scope of supply for this contract included a crude oil metering system with 4 x 33 per cent meter runs and bi-directional prover, using turbine metering technology.